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"Life is a beautiful struggle."
-Family first.
-Been through a lot.
-Born and raised aloha state.
-I should be an NBA analyst!
-I listen to all types of music.
-Love sucks.
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Sean Garrett feat. Drake- Feel Love

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Baauer- Harlem Shake

I know y’all might be gettin’ irritated with this shit… IDGAF! Hahahaha! Be on the lookout! Got some shit comin’ this weekend!


Because I remember everyone. I’ll remember your name, your face, the little habits you think no one notices, the way you made me happy or sad or both at the same time at one point or another. And it just sucks feeling like everyone’s impacted my life in some way, but I wasn’t able to give them anything worth remembering about me. 

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Rebel Souljahz-Gotta Know Your Name

I’m barely on here anymore. Follow me on IG! My username is alohasb! :)

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